Best Android Charger Cables For Smartphones In 2020


Poor construction and design by the manufacturer are two main problems that Android charger cables have had for a long time. Some people claim that all cables are the same, but they are not. Manufacturers can sometimes mess up the wiring, or mess up even the original design spec, and more, which causes cable failure and sometimes brick or short out your smartphone. With that in mind, you want to ensure that the Android charger cable you’re getting is of excellent quality for your smartphone. If you haven’t found anything yet, check out below for some of the best high-quality cables that will keep your smartphone working and charge at a decently fast rate too.Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at

Syncwire Micro-USB Cable

Syncwire makes a set of high-quality micro-USB cab with wiring and insulation is made out of premium material. They are super durable and work well for most micro-USB devices available on the market. Thanks to its premium wire material, this Syncwire cable can handle any device that is supported with Qualcomm Quick Charging and is perfect for heavy daily use.

RAMPow USB-C Braided Cable

The RAMPow USB-C braided cable is perfect for those who require USB-C instead of micro-USB. It has a nylon braided insulation that offers tons of durability for a long-lasting design. Since RAMPow also follows current USB-C specifications, you know that this cable gets good wiring that won’t defect or short out your smartphone. Furthermore, this braided cable supports Quick Charge 3.0, as well as you get fast data transfer speeds.

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Anker Micro-USB Cable

Aside from the brand’s phenomenal portable batteries, solar chargers, wall chargers, and more, they also make cables now. Not only do they feature tangle-free cables, but the Anker cable also has gold plated tips to reduce heat and corrosion, which gives you an overall much longer-lasting cable. And since Anker follows strict design spec, rest assured that you get blazing-fast data transfers with this cable, too.

PowerBear Type-C Cable

The PowerBear Type-C Cable is a heavy-duty USB-C Android charger cable meant for everyday heavy use. It has red nylon braided insulation that helps secure the wires inside in place and for better cable durability. The brand guarantees that it will be compatible with the latest flagship USB-C mobile phones and even comes with a two-year warranty. There’s no Quick Charge support here, though, but with its USB 3.0-approved cable, you will still get fast charging capabilities and up to 150MB per second data transfer speeds.

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Puridea Android Micro-USB Cable

The latest smartphones coming equipped with USB-C and micro-USB might be on its way out, but there’s no doubt that there’s still a huge demand for the latter type of cables. This Android Micro-USB Cable from Puridea is made out of plastic insulation, but the springs are set over the top of that insulation to increase durability. When you buy a pack, you will get five various micro-USB cables that will keep your mobile phone safe and juiced up.

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