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We feel a lot more secure because of our high technology today. However, it also makes us feel unsafe because people could use high tech devices to break into our homes. This is why home security systems are crucial both when you’re home and when you’re out for a vacation. You can buy these systems pretty everywhere, but do you know which one is perfect for your house? To help you decide, here are the best home security systems you can get to keep your property and family safe.  Take your shopping to the next level with Ubuy

ADT Home Security

What’s great about ADT Home Security is that you get to choose whatever you want, from smart options and apps to security cameras and extra alarms. They even work well with other systems from other companies, too, which means you can combine everything you want. However, there are a few downsides for this system, including the need for professional installation and the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy the smart devices’ application access if you only choose the basic package.

Vivint Home Security

The company behind this system offers a unique possibility to build your own system. There’s no need to choose from any of their packages offered. You can only get what you need. Plus, their services include smart cameras, environmental monitoring, smart devices, and intrusion protection. However, if you choose this company, you won’t be able to install the system on your own. Also, the equipment costs more than the one from other companies. Not to mention if you choose the financing equipment option, you’ll have to sign a long contract.

SimpliSafe Home Security

One of the cheapest services on the market is the SimpliSafe Home Security.  This company offers a 60-day trial to test their product and allows you to return the item if you don’t like it. What’s great about SimpliSafe is that it both works well in Google Assistant and Alexa. However, choosing their basic package means you won’t be able to get mobile alerts or the perks of smart home capabilities, as well as a selection of smart devices.

Take your shopping to the next level with Ubuy
Protect America Home Security

This award-winning company has been on the market for over 25 years and one of the best when it comes to home security. Their services include fire and smoke alarms, smart devices, and video services. You will be able to control your alarm system from your smart device. However, choosing this company means you will have to sign a contract, and you need to upgrade the plan if you want to get most of their features.

Frontpoint Home Security

Since they don’t require you to use their services for the installation, you can install the alarms on your own. They do have impressive customer service, though, and there’s no need to sign a contract when getting the system. They also allow you to rent the equipment without buying it. However, you will have to choose some of their premium packages that cost more if you want to get the doorbell camera and the outdoor one. Although they offer high monitoring, it is only available if you get the most expensive package.

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