The Must-Have Tech Gifts For Everyone In 2020


There are many great options out there when it comes to tech gifts. This year, everything is about smaller, sleeker, wireless, Bluetooth enabled, and of course, with longer battery life than ever. So for the best new tech gift ideas, below are some of the best picks we have for both men and women in 2020.Shop online easy and hassle-free only at

New Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Meet the mug that everyone is obsessed with. This mug keeps your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate hot, depending on the temp you want it to be. With the app from your smartphone, you can instantly control the mug and never have to worry anymore about luke-warm beverages ever again.

Apple Watch Series 5

Everyone is looking for an Apple Watch. Now, Apple released their latest and greatest version that looks even more fashionable than the previous versions. The watch has a bit bigger face compared to the other versions. The band options are also much better; plus, it’s waterproof. Furthermore, its speaker is 50% louder than ever. You can also use the Apple Watch Series 5 as your workout partner, heart/health monitor, and activity and fitness tracker, and of course, it allows you to send text messages, make and take calls, and a lot more.

Courant Catch 2 Multi-Device Wireless Charger

Now, you can charge your devices wirelessly with this latest stylish leather charging pad. Just toss on your devices, such as your smartphone or AirPods, and move on with your day. Plus, it comes with different colors, perfect for your style and interest.

Shop online easy and hassle-free only at DHgate.comApple AirPods Pro

You know you can’t go wrong with Apple, especially with their new wireless AirPods Pro that comes with a charging station. These noise-canceling earbuds have, literally, wireless, water-resistant, and charge even faster and last longer than ever. Plus, it stays in your ears comfortably thanks to its silicone earpieces. You can also charge wirelessly on a wireless charging pad.

Smart LED Pix Backpack

Are you looking for the coolest backpack ever? Then this Smart LED Pix Backpack is the one for you! It’s also the smartest tech-friendly backpack that has an LED screen that lets you create any colorful design you want. No worries, they are waterproof too.

Shop online easy and hassle-free only at DHgate.comThe Zepp Golf Swing 3D Analyzer

Even the pros still need a little personal help from time to time, especially when it comes to their swing. The Zepp 3D Golf Swing Analyzer will measure the most vital aspects of their swing, like club speed, tempo, club plane, backswing length, and more. The super crucial swing analysis will then give them evaluations, so you can start making improvements immediately. So cool!

The “Magic Hands” Massager

The Magic Hands is something we could all use at home, especially on our neck, back, and pretty much anywhere. One of Oprah’s favorite things, this portable body massager is a must-have this year. The perfect gadget you can use at home after a long day at work. And you will be surprised at how good it feels too.

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